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Postcard Thank you

A postcard thank you with a photo from your beach wedding can be just the right touch for an expression that shows thanks in your happiness.

Here is a nice example:

postcard thank you from beach wedding

On the back side of this card the couple left plenty of room for a personal note.

postcard thank you back side with room for note

Although you will probably have plenty of photos from your beach wedding to create a unique postcard thank you, a little planning might make it easy later.  If you want some text put on the photo then, try to plan to have plenty of room around the subjects to put the text.

Here is a link to more information on creating custom beach wedding postcard thank you.

Combine Thank You with a Valentine

Here is a thank you card where they combined their thank you with a Valentine’s day wish.  Seems like an enchanting idea with a loving wish to accompany their thank you.

Nice enchanting photo too for the front:

Valentine and thank you card front side

The backside includes a valentine quote with the thank you …

Valentine card and thank you card back side

Just another idea to offer for your Thank you card thoughts.

You can combine special ocassion cards with your thank you card.

Say Thank You to Supporters for Helping with your Goal

In this world many times it takes a lot more than just what you can make happen just from your own efforts to accomplish a goal. Therefore, to accomplish your goal you received help from many supporters.

A thank you note with a photo can show them you accomplishing the goal they supported. It helps them understand and feel what they were a part of.

Here is an example:



Big Goals almost always need help from supporters.