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Your Questions About Wedding Thank You Postcards

Linda asks…

Wedding Thank you’s?

We’re having a destination wedding in St Thomas, and I was thinking it might be cute to send a picture postcard from us to those who attended in place of a more traditional thank you note. There wouldn’t be too many to write, and I think it would seem more in keeping with the wedding itself. How do you think this would go over? We’ll be staying on island about a week after everyone leaves, so we could send them right before we go home.
Well, since nobody said it was a lame idea, I think we’ll go that route. I’ll try to write them there, but if I don’t, no biggie-I’ll do it when I get home! Thanks everyone!

SayThankYou answers:

That is exactly what I did for my wedding thank you notes….and everyone loved them!

Paul asks…

Where can I find a photo postcard template?

I am trying to print my wedding thank you cards. I want to do them as a postcard where I will write my thank you note on the back. The front I want to do a collage of wedding pictures. And inexpensive. Prefer to create and print my own but a website works too!

SayThankYou answers:

Here is a great site where you can custom design your own:

Wedding Thank You photo postcards

Wedding Collage Thank You cards



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Beach Wedding Photo Collage Thank You

Having your wedding on a beach can be a really fun affair for all to come to. It can create lots of great photo moments.

Here is a couple that had a beach wedding and they sent us their selection of desired photos to create a photo collage thank you card from their beach wedding photos.

They continued the beach theme on the backside of their postcard while making sure that we left some room for them to be able to write a personal note.

If you are having a beach wedding consider sending us some of your photos to create a unique thank you postcard which can also be used as a great reminder of how much fun all had at your beach wedding.

To get us started go to our Begin Design page by clicking on the tab with that label at the top of the page.

A Photo Collage Thank You card

If one photo can express a 1000 words, then a collage of photos can express feeling of a whole event.  Here is an example of using a photo collage to express the happenings and feelings of an event.
postcard front:
postcard back:

Consider submitting a selection of photos to us to design a photo collage thank you card for your special thank you.  It all starts by using the form we give you by clicking the “Begin Design” tab above.