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Your Questions About Thank You Cards Online

Maria asks…

Looking for online thank-you card template?

|Hey there
I am looking for an online, free, downloadable template for thank you cards. I would like a nature theme, green/brown/white colours, very modern natural though.
I want to print some wedding shower thank you cards myself but am having issues finding templates… thanks!

SayThankYou answers:

You might take a look at this URL:

they have all kinds of online cards with different colors and designs.

Steven asks…

Personalized thank you cards?

Is there a website where I am able to make personalized thank you cards. I don’t mean, that I make one card online, and then print 50 of the same exact card. But, a site where I can actually create separate individual thank you cards online for different people, and then get them in bulk that way. It seems like they want me to have the same exact message on all of my cards for each person.

SayThankYou answers:

How about designing a card in which the front of the card is the same but the back or inside of each card says something different ?  This way each one is personalized uniquely.

If this sounds like something that might work, then use the inquiry form on the about page of this site and let them know what you are interested in.  They can offer this type of service.
Take care

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