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Your Questions About Thank You Cards for Auditions

Thomas asks…

Thank you cards – audition etiquette?

I just went to my first ever EPA (equity principal audition). I’ve read that it is good to send a brief thank you note to the people you auditioned for – because it is nice to do… and it will hopefully make them remember you more.

My question is… do you write the thank you note on just a regular thank you card? Or should I make a postcard or stationery with my headshot/picture on it so they will have a face with a name?

Thanks for your help.

SayThankYou answers:

You could have a little postcard made with your pic on it, or headshots printed on postcards. You could probably make a little card and put in a small pic on your computer. Usually a little thank you card is more appropriate than a letter. Make it as easy for them to read as possible/keep it simple. And be clear (depending on who you auditioned for) whether you should send it to the Casting Director (if there was one) or the Producer or Director.

You might take a look at the Thank You postcards available at this link.  I am sure they can make these available for you with a small head shot photo printed on the back where you will write your note.  Just contact them.

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