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Your Questions About Thank You Cards For Graduation

Laura asks…

What should I write in my graduation thank you cards?

I’m filling out thank you cards to everyone who sent me money for graduation and I’m not sure exactly what to say. My mom said “thank you for the gift of money” but that sounds dumb to me so I was just looking for some ideas! Thanks!

SayThankYou answers:

Well, you can write what you mom told you to, only elaborate a bit: Thank you so much for the $50 (or whatever) for my graduation. I’m saving up for (whatever) and it will come in handy. I appreciate your generosity.
I just got a thank you note it for a graduation gift and he wrote “…I want to spend it, but I’ll probably put it in my savings.” Works for me!

Donna asks…

What to write in graduation thank you cards?

I want to write more than “thank you for the gift” because the people that gave it to me are special to me, but I don’t know what to write.

SayThankYou answers:

I appreciate your thoughtfulness with the birthday gift you gave me. It must have taken a lot of time for you to choose and put together. Thank you.

Here are some tips for what to include in your thank you messages:
1. Your reaction to the gift. “I love the new shirt you gave me for my birthday”
2. Praise the giving person. “You are thoughtful and know my taste well.”
3. Your feelings about the person. “I am blessed to have an aunt like you.”
4. Close with a simple thank you message. “I appreciate the shirt and I know I will enjoy wearing it. Thank you”

Mandy asks…

what to write in graduation thank you cards?

I want to write more than “thank you for the gift” because the people that gave it to me are special to me, but I don’t know what to write.

SayThankYou answers:

Dear So and So,
Thank you so much for your generous gift. Than write individual things like, had a great time with you at my party (not sure if you had a party or not). Can’t believe we finally did it! (if it’s someone you graduated with). Can’t wait to see you again. People like personal sentiments and just putting thank you for the gift is very generic. If it’s someone you don’t see all the time like a far away relative, you can say I miss you, hope to see you soon.

I think you should get the idea. Good luck!

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Your Questions About Wedding Thank You Postcards

Linda asks…

Wedding Thank you’s?

We’re having a destination wedding in St Thomas, and I was thinking it might be cute to send a picture postcard from us to those who attended in place of a more traditional thank you note. There wouldn’t be too many to write, and I think it would seem more in keeping with the wedding itself. How do you think this would go over? We’ll be staying on island about a week after everyone leaves, so we could send them right before we go home.
Well, since nobody said it was a lame idea, I think we’ll go that route. I’ll try to write them there, but if I don’t, no biggie-I’ll do it when I get home! Thanks everyone!

SayThankYou answers:

That is exactly what I did for my wedding thank you notes….and everyone loved them!

Paul asks…

Where can I find a photo postcard template?

I am trying to print my wedding thank you cards. I want to do them as a postcard where I will write my thank you note on the back. The front I want to do a collage of wedding pictures. And inexpensive. Prefer to create and print my own but a website works too!

SayThankYou answers:

Here is a great site where you can custom design your own:

Wedding Thank You photo postcards

Wedding Collage Thank You cards



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Your Questions About Thank You Cards Online

Maria asks…

Looking for online thank-you card template?

|Hey there
I am looking for an online, free, downloadable template for thank you cards. I would like a nature theme, green/brown/white colours, very modern natural though.
I want to print some wedding shower thank you cards myself but am having issues finding templates… thanks!

SayThankYou answers:

You might take a look at this URL:

they have all kinds of online cards with different colors and designs.

Steven asks…

Personalized thank you cards?

Is there a website where I am able to make personalized thank you cards. I don’t mean, that I make one card online, and then print 50 of the same exact card. But, a site where I can actually create separate individual thank you cards online for different people, and then get them in bulk that way. It seems like they want me to have the same exact message on all of my cards for each person.

SayThankYou answers:

How about designing a card in which the front of the card is the same but the back or inside of each card says something different ?  This way each one is personalized uniquely.

If this sounds like something that might work, then use the inquiry form on the about page of this site and let them know what you are interested in.  They can offer this type of service.
Take care

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